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Beautiful Creatures Movie Review

Beautiful Creatures was not what I expected. Going into the theatre, I had some expectations from the one or two trailers I saw and the fact that Warm Bodies really gave me hope for the book adaptation movies down the road. Unfortunately, Beautiful Creatures did not let up.

Before reviewing, I would just like to say that I have not read the book previous to this, so I will be judging this movie on its own. One of the major problems with this film is how boring and uninteresting it is. There were many scenes that were paced horrendously, leaving me completely bored and wanting it to end. Having not the read book, the movie failed to keep my interest a majority of the time due to many slow and sluggish exposition scenes that, although helped me understand the film a lot more, left me feeling really dull and constantly checking the time. For a film that has been adapted from a book, it is crucial for it to explain the story in a way that keeps me interested and drawn to the screen, and unfortunately Beautiful Creatures did not do that.

I am not one to point out every single plot hole and detail of a film to its bare bones, but, there is a limit to how much I can ignore. That being said, Beautiful Creatures has a lot of flaws and obvious plot holes that make a lot of plot points seem really pointless and unnecessary. Also, the climax was very underwhelming and leaves you feeling quite empty and wondering: what just happened? THATS IT?! Very disappointing.

The characters are also a huge problem in the movie as a lot of them are really unmemorable and unlikeable. The lead Ethan Wate is a very annoying and unlikeable character who contributes nothing to the film besides being the boyfriend of a character that actually has any sort of importance. This leads to the other main lead, Lena, who should have been the only focus of the film. With the movie being about casters, Ethan Wate ends up feeling completely unnecessary and useless. It would’ve been the same if he was written out. However, that isn’t to say other characters weren’t enjoyable, as I found the character of Ridley, Lena’s cousin, very interesting and likable. She is just so despicably evil that you can’t not like her and be drawn to her. Plus, she isn’t too bad looking either, if you know what I mean. Emma Thompson who plays the main villain is not threatening or that captivating, which just makes me ask why they didn’t just make Ridley the main villain as she was much more interesting and I wanted to know more about her. Thus, other than Ridley and Lena, the other characters come and go are aren’t really that memorable.

However, do not get me wrong, this film isn’t entirely unredeemable as there were some aspects I did like. One of them being the idea of the caster and the world they live in. I really liked what being a caster was and how things worked in their world and although the exposition that explained the casters was executed poorly, the idea still really intrigues me and I wish they expanded on that more, hopefully in the later films they will explain it a lot better. Another thing I liked were the costumes and Lena house, I thought those things were cool and fun to look at. 

Overall, Beautiful Creatures was a very boring and sluggish movie due to its long and dragged out scenes, boring story elements, very unmemorable and unlikeable characters and underwhelming climax. I really did want to like this film, the premise seemed very interesting and I really liked the world of the casters, it is just very unfortunate that the way they executed everything was very poorly done. Warm Bodies might’ve been a step forward in book adaptation movies in the future, Beautiful Creatures takes a step back. Hopefully, Immortal Instruments and The Host will not do the same.

Final Score: 6/10.

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